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Xtremcoin has been listed on P2PB2B

XTR is available for trading on our exchange.

🔸Trading pairs: XTR/USDT, XTR/BNB, XTR/BTC, XTR/ETH.

Xtremcoin is a fully-featured open source crypto exchange software and modular platform with built-in liquidity to facilitate the trading of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and security tokens. Xtremcoin has features for being DEX or CEX. Both features can be modified and run separately on different domain address. 

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Xtremcoin XTR Smart Contract Audit Report

Given the opportunity to review Xtremcoin Project’s smart contract source code, we in the report outline our systematic approach to evaluate potential security issues in the smart contract implementation, expose possible semantic inconsistencies between smart contract code and design document, and provide additional suggestions or recommendations for improvement. Our results show that the given version of smart contracts is ready to launch after resolving the mentioned issues, there are no critical or high issues found related to business logic, security or performance.

Xtremcoin Smart Contract Audit Report

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