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Advises from the Xtremcoin Team

Why should I use Xtremcoin Token and how can it help me?

In addition to being an open source exchange platform, Xtremcoin is designed to work in integration with the Simplex Credit Card system used on NFC by spreading its own currency XTR globally. With the agreement made with Cryptofon.com, important steps were taken towards creating a next generation payment system by making use of the services provided by Simplex.com.

How can I accept Xtremcoin payments on my website?

All users who use Simplex.com services and/or use credit cards will be able to use our technology that deals with rings, bracelets and eyeglasses. It will also work in integration with Simplex.com’s new product that it is preparing to launch in the near future and will be released for NFT Markets.

What currencies does Xtremcoin support?

Xtremcoin will first list coins and tokens that are registered on the host system and have proven communities. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Avalance, Flare Network etc. However, it will not be limited to these and will continue its efforts for further integration.

Where are my incoming payments stored?

All incoming payments are retained by Bitgo’s cold wallet service. The protection infrastructure supported by HSM, LTM, LTE and Firewall is also under DNS protection with Cloudflare’s security services. We recommend that you turn on confirmation services such as 2FA, SMS and Mail in your personal wallets to prevent wallet attacks.

How many transactions can I process?

There is no transaction limit, in fact, this is similar to the spending system you used while using your credit card, you can use it to spend as much money as you have. Every credit card has daily, weekly and monthly usage limits. In this study, however, such limits were not applied. However, the daily limits to be applied in the works to be done with Cryptofon.com will be published on our site.

Do you accept payments from/to exchanges?

You can send, receive and transact money from all systems that send via blockchain all over the world. You will not pay any Fee fees for transactions with Xtremcoin and XTR. However, network fee will be charged for the transfers you will make. This is inevitable.

Can Xtremcoin be used to accept payments for an Ring?

Here is the crucial point, as there is the possibility of transferring from Ring to Ring, from Bracelet to Bracelet, from Autumnal to Glasses, you can transfer offline or online if you wish, with just one or two transactions on the APP and accept payment. These studies show the latest point of wearable technologies today.

How do I unsubscribe from Xtremcoin notification emails?

If you do this, you will lose a lot, but if you still want to unsubscribe, please follow the procedures in the e-mail and just say unsubscribe.

How to transfer wallet between mobile and desktop?

Mobile App, Desktop Web Application, Ring, Glasses and Bracelet work within the same network. Therefore, you can perform an internal transfer in just a few seconds. It’s as easy as swapping numbers. However, if you are going to use Blockchain, this requires as much time as the Network time used by the currency you have sent.

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