This Terms of Use is an integral part of Xtremcoin User Agreement and sets forth the terms regarding the goods and services provided through Xtremcoin Website operated by Geliyoo Bilişim Araştırma Geliştirme Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (“Xtremcoin”) and the obligations of the Parties.


  • AML-KYC Policy: Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy. 
  • Service: Brokering of Cryptocurrency exchange between Users and other related products and services provided to Users through Xtremcoin Website.
  • Account: The account opened by Xtremcoin Users in order to benefit from Xtremcoin Service.
  • Commission: Charges, which are automatically paid by Users for each transaction made through Xtremcoin Platform and updated by Xtremcoin. 
  • Cryptocurrency: Digital currencies ​​such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoincash, ripple, xtremcoin, which allows Users to make secure encrypted transactions and digital coin offering.
  • Xtremcoin Cryptocurrency Wallet: The Xtremcoin digital wallet, which is re-created and managed by Users and used to transfer cryptocurrency by means of Blockchain defined to Users by Xtremcoin, where Blockchain technology (created by a unique crypto with the core files of each currency and composed by static complex letters and numbers) is used.
  • The User: Natural person, who is using Xtremcoin services by opening an Account on Xtremcoin Website arrangements for the prevention of money laundering and financing terrorism, do not cooperate adequately in the fight against these crimes or are considered risky by authorized international organizations,
  • Xtremcoin Website: https://xtremcoin.io website, its extensions, subdomains (such as https://apiv1.xtremcoin.com and all other related content,
  • Xtremcoin Platform: Cryptocurrency trade platform operated by Xtremcoin through Xtremcoin Website. 


User must first create an Account on Xtremcoin Website to exchange Cryptocurreny through Xtremcoin Platform. User creates its Account by filling in the required fields of the sign-up form published at https://xtremcoin.io.


The following steps must be completed in order to activate the Account:

  1. Approval of the User Agreement and its attachment by the User,
  2. (ii) Examination of User’s information and documents provided while creating the Account according to AML & KYC Policy, other company policies and relevant legal regulations, 
  3. (iii) Completion of the authentication process and if necessary, disclosure of additional information and documents in order to verify identity and address information.

Xtremcoin activates the Account if the User fulfils these requirements and no other obstacles are detected as a result of the examination held by Xtremcoin. Users can only benefit from the Xtremcoin Platform if the account is successfully activated.

User will log in to the Account via 2-Step Verification with Google Authenticator.

Xtremcoin Services

Xtremcoin Services cover the following transactions and operations: 

  • Providing a platform to bring people together for Cryptocurrency trade,
  • Allowing Users to transfer Cryptocurrencies from their Cryptocurrency Wallets to other User’s Cryptocurrency Wallets or 3rd parties’ cryptocurrency wallets,
  • Allowing Users to exchange Cryptocurrencies with other Users,
  • Allowing Users to sell Cryptocurrencies to other Users in exchange for money,
  • Allowing Users to access Ripple System and make use of this system.

Xtremcoin does not directly or indirectly sell any Cryptocurrencies through Xtremcoin Platform.

Data, analyses, reports, statistics and other kind of content published on Xtremcoin Website are collected automatically from 3rd parties and public resources by means of a software and processed and published without any change or routing. 

Transferring money to the Account by credit or debit card 

User identifies a credit card or debit card in his/her Account. For this operation, User adds the card from “Add New Card” option listed under the “Connected Cards” menu. User, then, verifies the card by following the related steps. Cards to be added to the User’s Account must belong to the User. Otherwise, the related operation will not be completed or performed. 

Transferring money to the Account by bank remittance 

The User may transfer a certain amount of money in Turkish Liras via EFT / remittance from the bank account of the User. The bank account, to/from which the user will transfer money, must belong to the User. Otherwise, the related operation will not be completed or performed.

In order to complete the EFT / remittance, user has to enter the “money transfer code”, which is issued by Xtremcoin specifically for the User, on the notification section of the related transfer. 

If the User wants to withdraw all/a part of the money in his Account, the User shall notify Xtremcoin of its bank account information by means of Xtremcoin Website Support Section. If the transferred amount of money is more than the amount of money, which the User requested to withdraw, the User shall immediately notify Xtremcoin and return the excess amount to Xtremcoin. 

The User agrees that Turkish Lira deposit and withdrawal requests made under the scope of this section may be delayed for a certain period of time, if required by Xtremcoin. The bank account, to/from which the user will transfer money, shall be active and opened by the name of the User (user name preferred on Xtremcoin Platform); otherwise, the User shall not be able to perform the transactions subject to this article. Requests for depositing and withdrawing may be delayed due to bank applications or Xtremcoin’s internal operations. The User accepts and declares that the transaction, deposit or withdrawal requests may be delayed due to the reasons explained above. In addition to this, theUser accepts and declares also that Xtremcoin will be free of any type legal or monetary responsibility, if the delay is caused by bank transactions, inactive bank account or misinformation caused by the User. The User accepts and declares that if the User wants to cancel the deposit or withdrawal transaction, The User shall contact with Xtremcoin Platform for cancelling the related transaction. The User accepts and declares that the User Account could be suspended, if the User directly communicates with bank for cancellation of any transaction. 

Transferring Cryptocurrency to the Account

The User can transfer Cryptocurrency from a cryptocurrency wallet to Xtremcoin Cryptocurrency Wallet. Balance, created by transferring Cryptocurrency to the Account, can be used to buy/sell Cryptocurrencies or make payments to 3rd parties with Cryptocurrencies.

The User enters an order on the Xtremcoin Platform by determining the price and the amount for buying and selling Cryptocurrency. User’s orders are listed in a table called “depth table”. As soon as a User’s order matches with an order of another User, trade order is completed and the parties become binding with their offer and acceptance. In other words, a Cryptocurrency purchase is completed when two orders entered by different User matches. Users accept that this transaction is irrevocable, one it is completed. 

Unmatched orders will continue to be listed in the depth table until they match, or until the order is cancelled by the issuing User. 

All Cryptocurrency operations performed through the Xtremcoin Platform are performed by Users and between Users. Xtremcoin is not a party to any of Cryptocurrency exchanges preformed through Xtremcoin Platform and is not responsible for the relations and transactions between the Users.

The User accepts and declares that transactions may take longer and some delays may occur when the User wants to transfer a significant amount of Cryptocurrency to a different platform outside Xtremcoin Website.


There are transaction limits for the transactions to be carried out on the Xtremcoin Platform. Users’ transaction limit may vary depending on factors such as payment type, payment history, etc. Daily and monthly trading limits for transactions to be carried out on the Xtremcoin Platform are determined by Xtremcoin for each User and any change regarding this limit is at Xtremcoin’s sole discretion. 

Xtremcoin can set maximum daily, weekly and monthly Cryptocurrency trade limits for the Users and announces these limits on the User’s Account. On Xtremcoin Platform, the minimum amount for Cryptocurency trade is 20 Turkish Lira.

The User may learn their transaction limits by checking their Accounts. 

The User can send e-mail to info@xtremcoin.io for limit increase or decrease requests.


Services are provided on the basis of the fees determined by the Parties during the Cryptocurrency exchange in accordance with the Fee Schedule set out on Xtremcoin Website. These fees are charges of incoming and outgoing transactions, commissions received from completed transactions and seller-billing services cost which are deducted from the invoice amount paid. When the Fee Schedule is updated, Xtremcoin announces it on Xtremcoin Website.

Unless otherwise stated, when the transaction is carried out or completed, commissions and fees are automatically deducted from the balance of the User Account or deposited to the User Account.

Xtremcoin does its best to inform the Users of any fees or commissions before any deduction is made from the Account. Xtremcoin is not responsible for not notifying any incalculable commissions and fees to Users. 


If the User does not have enough money (e-money, fiat money or Cryptocurrency) in its Account to carry out a transaction order, the transaction order will be rejected by Xtremcoin. 

When Xtremcoin refuses to complete any transaction instructed by a User, the User will be informed regarding reasons for the rejection. 

The User accepts and declares that any transaction carried out through the Xtremcoin Platform and processed on the blockchain system is irreversible and irrevocable and cancellation and it is not possible to cancel or return any trade transaction carried out through Xtremcoin Platform. User takes this important matter into account when performing any operations and transactions. 

In case of damage to the User due to the technical problems caused by the remittance or EFT transactions, the relevant transaction may be cancelled within 5 days upon the request of the User.

The Commission taken by Xtremcoin shall not be returned to the User, when the User closes the Account, the Account is terminated or suspended by Xtremcoin for any reason or in any other event of cancellation or returns. 


User may close its Account at any time. 

Without detriment to the terms set out in the User Agreement, Xtremcoin may suspend /freeze or close the User’s Account, cancel any transaction approved by the User or reject to complete or reserve any transaction under the following cases: 

  1. The User attempts to gain unauthorized access to the Xtremcoin Website or another User’s Account, or helps other people to do the same,
  2. The User crosses security measures or walls that restrict/protect the use of any content on the Xtremcoin Website,
  3. The User uses Xtremcoin services and products as a tool to perform money laundering, illegal gambling, financing terrorism, fraudulent acts or other illegal acts,
  4. The User violates User Agreement, Terms of Use and AML & KYC Policy,
  5. Xtremcoin detects suspicious transactions pursuant to Xtremcoin AML & KYC Policy,
  6. The User defaults on due payments or carry out fraudulent payments regarding the Xtremcoin services and products payments,
  7. The User is sued or other legal action is initiated against the User regarding the Services provided by Xtremcoin,
  8. Xtremcoin cannot reach out the User for verification of the Account despite all the efforts to contact the User,
  9. The User’s credit card, bank card or other valid payment methods linked to the User’s Cryptocurrency Wallet are detected to be risky,
  10. It is requested by a court decision or an official institution,
  11. This Terms of Use changes and the User does not accept the changes.

If Xtremcoin suspends / freezes or closes the User’s Account, Xtremcoin shall notify the User with the reasons for such actions by e-mail.

Upon closure of the Account, any amount less than 20 Turkish Liras will not be refunded. Xtremcoin will have to send the not-refunded money to the national authorities, which are responsible for the protection of the money, by converting cryptocurrency into fiat money. 

Xtremcoin may close and suspend the Xtremcoin Website for maintenance purposes, in such cases Xtremcoin will do its best to notify the User if there is no emergency.

Xtremcoin may close and suspend the Xtremcoin Website for security reasons, in which case Xtremcoin does not need to notify User.


The design and content of the Website was created by Xtremcoin. The Website is published on 20.10.2017.

According to Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works Law No. 5846, the design and all contents of the Website (software, text, image, graphics, data, prices, shopping, templates, charts, video, sound etc.) are considered as “work” and the property, financial, exploitation, utilization and transfer rights of this work are entitled to Xtremcoin. 

In accordance with the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, Xtremcoin’s trademark, service mark, logos, and other trademarks used on Xtremcoin Website are the property of Xtremcoin, the property, financial, exploitation, utilization and transfer rights of these properties are entitled to Xtremcoin and the related person. 

Xtremcoin’s right to take legal actions against violation of Intellectual Property Rights (unlawful copying, duplication, modification, sharing, etc.) are reserved.

It is strictly forbidden for Users to share the following against the other Users, Visitors, Xtremcoin and 3rd parties through or by means of Xtremcoin Website: 

  • Sharing which is fraudulent, insulting, harassing, threatening, deceptive, infringing third party confidentiality, obscene or otherwise violating Site rules or policies;
  • Sharing which infringes the patents, trademarks and copyrights, rights on commercial secrets, promotion, confidentiality or other relevant intellectual property rights of the related persons and Xtremcoin displayed in the Website;
  • Sharing through Website or e-mail address without authorisation and even with authorization any unwanted legal or illegal messages.
  • Sharing behaving like or imitating Website employees, Website representatives, licensors for the Website or advertisers or other relevant persons. 

It is forbidden to use the Screenshots, Printouts and other transaction lists taken through Xtremcoin for various interests. Xtremcoin reserves all of its related demands and rights.


Xtremcoin and its representatives reserves their rights of removing the contents which are not complaint to the Terms of Use and The User Agreement and their annexes or harmful, prejudicial and wrong according to their own discretion. Xtremcoin is not responsible for the faults, delays and consequences as a result of the removal of such contents.

The User accepts and declares that it may not use all functions of the website depending on the country from which it gives access to the Xtremcoin Platform. It’s under the responsibility of the User to follow/obey the rules and laws of the country it resides or gives access from. 

In case the User finds a wrong, illegal or incorrect information, document or statement within the scope of the content of the Website, it should inform (●).

In addition to his Terms of Use, please also read Non-Liabilty Statement and Risk Warning. 

Geliyoo Bilişim Araştırma Geliştirme Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

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