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Starting with App and Ring is Easier Than Anything!

We started our app because we wanted to make it easy for businesses to accept bitcoin payments with ring and app. We are currently the fast bitcoin payment processor in the world, serving industry-leading merchants on six continents. We’ve created a seamless, secure bitcoin transaction offline and online with ring.

Xtremcoin Ring

Xtremcoin Ring

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Why Our App and Ring is
Best for your Business

We are changing the market and ecosystem with a technology that will make a difference. We create a Bitcoin transfer and payment network with rings, glasses and bracelets.
Bitcoin’s future looks very bright, and we plan on remaining on the forefront of this technology, creating more tools and services for everyone to use in innovative new ways.  Get start accepting Crypto Payments today!

Hakan Atabaş, CEO and Founder

Implement ideas

Integrate Your Business

Zero Fraud

Guarantee no chargebacks

Privacy & Security

Customer and merchant
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Start Investing
And Earn For Our Project Now

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Payment processing was our first contribution to the Xtremcoin ecosystem, but it is not our last.

Download App and Use Ring

Lower fees and faster online and offline transfers with XTR. New Generation Wearable Technologies.

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Now you have a new generation payment tool, pay wherever you want with NFC Technology.