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What is
Xtremcoin & $XTR ?

Xtremcoin is an open source exchange platform and a Geliyoo product that develops wearable technologies using NFC technology. It creates a payment gateway by combining technologies such as Rings, Bracelets and Glasses with exchange. With the exchange structure which has been developed, it works with a closed-circuit system so physical exchange offices in the country can buy and sell assets. Xtremcoin platform, whose fee payments will be made entirely with XTR, also has a BEP-20 and ERC-20 based bridgeless payment system integrated into the NFT marketplaces.

Open Exchange

Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchange

XTR Token

XTR token serves several purposes on the Xtremcoin
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Why You
Need XTR
Xtremcoin customers can use XTR to reduce trading fees and earn rewards. But that's not the only use for the Xtremcoin token.
XTR will allow us to make transfers in more favorable conditions and cheaper within the payment network we use.
The token serves several purposes on the Xtremcoin blockchain platform and allows users to participate in crypto exchanges, deposit and savings programs, cross-platform DeFi applications, and NFT marketplaces.
XTR will be an option for NFC Payment Ring product which is produced by Xtremcoin with Simplex partnership
Web application providing access to the decentralized peer to peer network through anonymously created accounts with optional 2FA security.
The application feature set includes transaction overview, sending and receiving payments, price charts, payee management and a indicator displaying. Also has special Bank worker account registration.
Individuals and business entities meeting the requirements for becoming a local partner can register with the platform and begin trading.
  • Name:
    Xtremcoin (XTR)
  • Exchange Rate:
    1 XTR = 1.618 USDT
  • Maximum Supply:
    20,231,453.571 XTR
  • Market Cap:
    20,594,481.00 USD
  • Launched:
    October 20, 2021
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The Roadmap

Our roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.

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XTR has a total and maximum supply of 20,231,453 XTR tokens. Of these, 16% went towards the Xtremcoin Foundation and will undergo semi-annual distribution over five years. Another 12% were dedicated to marketing and advertising of the XTR and the Xtremcoin platform. 8% of the total token supply was distributed among founding team members as a reward for participating in the project. Partnerships and strategic ecosystem collaborations received another 5% of the supply. Xtremcoin has set aside 3% of all tokens as staking rewards and an additional 2% as rewards for project advisors. The company distributed 3% of the supply through community airdrops and dedicated 3% of tokens for private sales. And 48% of token for token sales.

  • Foundation
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Team Members
  • Partners & Advisor
  • Staking & Airdrop
  • Private Sales
  • Token Sales
Xtremcoin, the Exchange platform of Geliyoo Company, which has Exchange system and various R&D projects, has recently made a name for itself with its work in the field of blockchain.
Last 4 years we focused on blockchain technology, and developed blockchain solutions for banks, financial markets, private companies and also working on smart city project with blockchain.
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